There seems to be a hack for everything, isn’t there? Regardless of who comes up with them, they always catch on quickly and make lives easier in more ways than you’ll believe. This applies to home repair hacks too!

Listed out for you below are a few simple, yet excellent home repair hacks that we know will come in very handy!

Shower Time

A clogged shower head means slow-running water, and that in turn means a rather low-energy start to kick off your day. Try this quick hack and see how it works out for you.

Get a zip bag and fill it up halfway with vinegar, right? Then wrap it over the shower head with strings or rubber bands. Leave it there for the night, and then remove it when morning comes again.

Rinse the showerhead and smile as that refreshing and fast-flowing water caresses your face.


Potato Peeler Power

Suffice to say that a Phillips-head screwdriver is necessary for every DIYer’s toolkit. But what do you do when yours goes missing? Believe it or not, a perfect substitute is a potato peeler!

Just push the tip of the potato or vegetable peeler into the screw head and slowly turn it counter clock wise to remove the fasteners. Voila!


Be Cool

If smoothening out the dents from your carpet is more a source of annoyance than anything else, what if we told you that you could use ice cubes to fix the problem? Just place the cubes over the divots and let them melt-a few hours should be enough.

After that, use a sponge to blot out the water, then a spoon to fluff the fibers. Do this, and the luxurious carpet you know and love will be back to its old self, beautifying your home just the way you want it to!


Now, as simple and quick as these hacks are, they can’t solve all your home repair problems. Sometimes, the repairs are too great and need something a little more effective than a potato peeler to fix.

You’ll need a professional, residential building maintenance company that offers a multitude of building maintenance services. You’ll need us!

We are ABMC, a building maintenance company in Australia that offers many excellent home repair services in Perth Metro and other regional areas!

The Australian Building Maintenance Company offers furniture repair, plastering services, window or door repair, flooring repairs, and many more home repair services.

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