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3 Bathroom Decorating Ideas

No more is a bathroom a mere spot for you to wash because more and more people use it as an escape from a hectic day. This has entailed a change in the way bathrooms are designed and decorated, and we now add a personal touch to what our bathrooms look like in ways the […]

3 Top Plastering Tools for Wall Repair and Installation

Plaster walls may not be the most popular materials out there, but they are undoubtedly beautiful. Nonetheless, the most skilled plastering contractors are, when compared to their dry walling competition, in short supply. But that’s no to say they don’t exist! You only need to know the right places to look for them. That being […]

3 Great Hacks for Home Repairs

There seems to be a hack for everything, isn’t there? Regardless of who comes up with them, they always catch on quickly and make lives easier in more ways than you’ll believe. This applies to home repair hacks too! Listed out for you below are a few simple, yet excellent home repair hacks that we […]

3 Types of Bathtubs for Renovation

You might not agree with us, but a simple bathtub can morph your renovation from something simple to something reminiscent of a spa! Perhaps the most important choice you can make during a bathroom renovation are fixtures. For one, a bathtub is essential in achieving that perfect end product you seek, and all that brings […]

Dreaming Of Kitchen Renovations?

So, you are standing there, looking at your kitchen… What tweaks and touches do you imagine? Final touches? A new sink and tap-ware? Or do you see a whole overhaul, a kitchen renovation? Paint A New Look With Colour, Or Lack Of. Your kitchen can get a whole new look from well selected paint. I […]

Wall Paper Is An Awesome Way Match Your Child’s Room

Wall Paper Is An Awesome Way Match Your Child’s Room To Their Unique Personality There are so many fun kid’s room wallpaper designs, more options than you can imagine. So let your imagination out to play and find the perfect wallpaper for your child. Have fun with a solid bold colour, a calm pastel or […]


Looking For A Change? Need Ideas For A New Room Or Feature Wall? A Feature Wall Of Well Chosen Inspired Wallpaper Will Create The Feeling You Are Looking For In Your Room Of Choice. From a solid pop of colour to a subtle textured pattern or 3D design, your choice of wallpaper can transform any […]

Renovation Builders Perth

Renovations Those renovations that you have dreamed of, pictured, adjusted over and over again. When it is time to bring them into reality it is an exciting time! You want it to be perfect, to appear as you envisioned it, or better! Are you renovating your whole house, or a specific room? Is it a […]

Building Maintenance Perth

Building Maintenance Contractors Perth There are so many tasks to perform to keep a building in good condition. From plastering & structural cracking repairs to re-paints or renovations, a well-done job will last and look great. You don’t need to look any further! Australian Building Maintenance Company Provides Top Quality Maintenance Services To Perth Painting/ […]

Wallpapering Brings A Modern Elegance & Customised Style

Wall Papering Can Be An Exciting Adventure. Whether You Are Wallpapering A Room, A House Or A Feature Wall. Aside from being an easy cover for marked walls and so much easier than painting, the huge range of colours, patterns, and textures present you with the ability to select a wallpaper to suit your personality, […]

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